Keith Gaughan

An attempt at public introspection


This site has moved

· 2min

I have to apologise to anybody who follows my feed as you have no doubt just been flooded with a hundred or so additional entries.

I’ll explain.

I’ve moved this site to I intend for this to be its final location. I’ve added permanent …


Hello, world!

· 2min

Can’t Hack is a blog. Those who know my might know that I already have a blog over at, but this is meant to be something a little different.

Over the years, I’ve began feeling somewhat burned out in general. There are so many things I …


Things that suck about this site

· 6min

My vitriol isn’t just reserved for others. No, I’m quite happy to lash out at myself when it’s appropriate. There’s a lot of things I really don’t like about the code I wrote to drive this site. I thought it’d be good to get …


Bayesian Comment Moderation

· 2min

An idea’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now. Right now, I don’t have any comment moderation, and I wouldn’t like to have to build a moderation system, primarily not because of the difficulty—it’s not hard—but because I don’t like …


Assigning Categories with Bayesian Filtering

· 1min

Here’s a mad idea I had a few months back: if we can use bayesian filtering on spam, why not use it to automagically categorise entries? It’s not going to be foolproof, but it would be an interesting experiment, and it may just work! We wouldn’t need …


Implementing Categories

· 3min

One thing I’d like to add, but I’ve never came up with as satisfactory method of implementation for, is categories.

The best pure one that I’ve come up with is to use an unsigned integer column as a bit array, with each bit representing a category. The …


The Impending Return of Comments

· 2min

I’ve been putting this off for long enough, and I think it’s time to add comments back to my site.

The old system allowed comments on every page of the site, not just the weblog. I think this is only right. The comments system is still in there …


Comments in Weblogs

· 4min

A while back, I printed off a comments thread from Keith Deven’s Weblog because I wanted to see how it had gone.

Last night, I finally got around to reading it. One of the comments, which happened to have nothing to do with the matter at hand, made me …