A self-improvement project by Keith Gaughan.

I work at a software developer in Dublin, in Ireland.

Possibly asked questions

Why are you writing this?

In short, to practice writing again.

I’ve been using Twitter since not long after it began. Over the past decade, it’s began to dominate the kind of writing I do. While I was never prodigious, I used to write substantially more than I do now. Some things that I once used to sit down as longform pieces ended up as threads. I don’t think this has been good for me.

I’d like to become more deliberate in my writing again. I’d like to think about what I’m writing and edit it until it’s more than just a throwaway comment.

I think doing that will make me happier, and I’m less likely to pollute my followers’ timelines with nonsense that way.

How do I contact you?

I couldn’t fathom why you’d want to: frankly, I’m not all that interesting. My Twitter handle is @talideon, but I don’t post there anymore. I don’t give out my email address, but I’m sure you can either find it online somewhere or at the very least guess it. If you know me, you probably already know what it is already.

I’m not very good with people I know already, so please don’t expect an immediate reply.

You already have a blog; does this replace my original blog?

No. That’s becoming mainly a link aggregation blog and for shortform content. This blog will be for more longform content.

Is this a diary?

No, not really. I might talk about my life here and there, but frankly there’s not very much in my life that makes for compelling reading. I’m just not that interesting.

There are some things I might write about when it comes to my life, but it’ll be in broad strokes on activities rather than specific events.

That’s all subject to change if I find a compelling reason.

Is there a publishing schedule?

No, not currently. I haven’t decided whether or not to have a minimum number of posts per week or month. I might decide on some minimum, but I don’t want this to become a chore itself, as that would defeat the purpose.

You use strange words and turns of phrase. Why?

I’m Irish, and I write in my own voice, and so it’s possible some of my usages might be unfamiliar if you’re not used to Irish English.

What do you use for this site?

I use Pelican, and I keep everything in a public git repo, so you can see every change I make here.