Hello, world!

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Can’t Hack is a blog. Those who know my might know that I already have a blog over at, but this is meant to be something a little different.

Over the years, I’ve began feeling somewhat burned out in general. There are so many things I used to enjoy doing, but now lack any passion for.

Coding is one. Over the years, it’s transitioned from being something I loved doing just for the sake to it to being little more than a job.

Writing is another. While I’d never say it was a great passion of mine, I did enjoy it, both fiction and non-fiction. The problem, I think, is that as part of my job, any writing I did became something I did for others, but which they never cared to read: writing went from being something I did because I liked it or liked what I was writing about to being… a chore.

I used to have hobbies. I mean, not ones that most people would think were super exciting, and some of them would be considered weird by a lot of people (though conlanging has gone a bit more mainstream in more recent years), but I liked them. No more though.

So I feel burned out, and need to do something. This blog is meant to help me fix myself. I figure it would be a good idea to document my work on various things in the form of a blog. Even if nobody reads it, maybe I’ll get something out it the exercise.


What’s the point of this?

The is an effort to kick myself in the arse so that the title of this blog becomes a lie.

Does this replace my original blog?

No. That’s becoming mainly a link aggregation blog and for shortform content. This blog will be for more longform content.

Is this a diary?

No. I might talk about my life here and there, but frankly there’s not very much in my life that makes for compelling reading. I’m just not that interesting.

There are some things I might write about when it comes to my life, but it’ll be in broad strokes on activities rather than specific events.

Do you actually intend on keeping this up?

Yes, though I haven’t decided whether I’m going to have a schedule, or what that schedule might be.

What are you using?

Pelican, and I’m keeping it on GitHub.

Will there be comments?

No. Tweet to @talideon instead.

Is there more stuff that should be in this Q&A?

Almost certainly.