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RIP, spinning rust…

· 2min

Last time, I got my old Dell Mini 12 up and running again. Well, the fates did not smile kindly on me, and through my own clumsiness, it ended up slipping off my lap, leaving it with some very, very unhappy spinning rust.

And yes, it contains a regular HDD …


Notes on breathing life back into a Dell Mini 12

· 8min

(These are some rough, unedited notes from when I was rebuilding the machine today.)

I have a Dell Mini 12, and while I’m pretty sure it’s never going to be of much practical use, I’d like to restore it to a state where it might be useful …


Getting Ubuntu up and running on a Lenovo Miix 310

· 3min

Back in January, I picked up a Lenovo Miix 310 a while back to play with Windows. It was an interesting experience, but I really can’t see myself shifting my development over to Windows any time soon, so I figured I’d throw Xubuntu on it and see if …


Progression of mail management on a Debian box

· 1min
  1. Ah, I just need to deal with local mail, so I’ll have Debian configure Exim for that. After all, it’s already there.
  2. Huh. Seems I need to send some mail from this box. I’ll have Debian reconfigure Exim to use a smarthost for non-local mail.
  3. Huh. Seems …


· 3min

Tim Bray posted up a good piece called ‘REST Questions‘, and one of the commentators asked several questions I felt I should respond to. This was my response with some light editing and additional links:

Mainly because there is still a little confusion on what exactly REST is?

REST is …


I’m finally happy with my terminal colours

· 1min

It’s been seven years since I’ve had a set of terminal colours that I’ve liked, but I think I’ve finally worked out the colour scheme I used to have back then. Here’s what I’m using now:

Palette element Colour Description
Text #A4CC28 Lime
Background …

Dumb Terminals and Windows Remote Desktop

· 3min

I’m spending a lot of time connected via Windows Remote Desktop to an external network so that I can do work on their machines.

So here’s a question: are there any IT departments out there that are using this to give their users old-style dumb terminals so as …