Esperanto orthography is terrible

Published · 5min

The orthography of Esperanto is terrible. Not as bad as, say, English or French, but pretty bad. It needn’t have been this way, though, as it’s so very close to actually being good.

Many screeds against Esperanto orthography will point to its use of diacritics, but this is …


The progressive in Irish

Published · 3min

It’s funny. When I started this, I didn’t think the first proper post here I’d make would be on Irish grammar. This assumes a certain basic knowledge of Irish, such as word order and basic vocabulary. Tweet at me with any feedback.

Like English, but unlike many …


On languages

Published · 3min

One of the things I’ll be covering here will be languages.

I’m currently learning a number of languages, though I’m taking some more seriously than others. The ones I’m currently taking seriously, in order of importance, are:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

I would actually like to be …


Language learning

Published · 1min

Earlier this summer, I started brushing up on my French, and learning Spanish and Portuguese using Duolingo. More recently, I started learning some Dutch too for when I attend FOSDEM. Here are some resources I’m using to help me.