Becoming two thirds the man I was

Published · 9min


I’ve had a post sitting here, waiting to be finished for almost three years. It concerns my previous attempt to fix my weight issues. There’s no sense in trying to post it now, but I might work it into a few different posts. There’s some stuff …


The Weight Plan

Published · 2min

Feck, I’d might as well post it now.

  • Buy a scales.
  • Stop with the snackfood—no sweets, with the possible exception of mints.
  • No soft drinks. Tea is ok, coffee is borderline. Fruit juice and water. Mostly water. Prefer fruit juice if the water isn’t good.
  • Stop with …

I’m starting the hacker’s diet

Published · 4min


An old post from the second iteration of my blog. I was actually pretty down on myself back then about all this, though it only comes out here and there. This attempt, as you might guess, failed.

There’s one thing that I really dislike about myself, and that …