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…or why it’s sometimes a good idea to just completely walk away.

I’ve been working on something here at work that really, really ought to have been done a good long time back. But between this and that, being pulled hither and thither, and having lots of other stuff to do at the same time, I could never get this particular task finished.

The thing is, the task itself is important, very important. However, because it’s so important, it became impossible to do even the slightest things on it without screwing it up. I was snowblind.

So this weekend, rather than going anywhere near a computer, I did the very opposite: aside from starting an update on my laptop, I left computers and computer programming completely and did something completely different.

The gig itself was yesterday in Electric Avenue in Waterford, and it was awesome. Seeing as it was on pretty late, and I’m working today, I didn’t bother sleeping and just rode the bus back to Carlow.

Sure, I’m tired, but my head was clear. I started back on the project and it was immediately clear what the problem was, and it was so terribly simple to fix.

And that’s the thing about snowblindness: sometimes it’s good idea to just completely walk away.