Notes from Real World OCaml, chapters 4 and 5

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 mostly works, but you need to replace open Core.Std with open Core, and include open Base.Poly after open Core in This latter change restores the polymorphic equality operators. My updated code from it at the end of the chapter is here.

Chapter 5

Instead of using Core_extended, which appears to be a mere shadow of itself, you should install the shell package. This appears to be the Shell module from Core_extended broken out to its own package. Thus, in utop, instead of:

utop # #require "core_extended";;
utop # open Core_extended.Std;;

Run this instead:

utop # #require "shell";;
utop # open Core;;

For the example, here’s the code:

type host_info = {
  hostname : string;
  os_name : string;
  cpu_arch : string;
  timestamp : Core.Time.t;

let my_host =
  let sh = Shell.sh_first_line_exn in {
    hostname = sh "hostname";
    os_name = sh "uname -s";
    cpu_arch = sh "uname -p";
    timestamp = ();

Notice how I’ve substituted sh_first_line_exn for sh_one_exn? The latter is deprecated, but the former has the same behaviour but is not deprecated.

For host_info_to_string, you’ll need to do open Printf to include sprintf in the REPL’s namespace.

For the get_users function, it tells you to add with fields at the end of the Login module. This no longer works. Instead, you need the ppx_jane package, which appears to have superceded fieldslib for this purpose, and rather than the with fields, you put the annotation [@@deriving fields] after the type. ppx_janne should already be installed as a dependency previously. Recember that if you want its contents available within utop, you’ll need to run #require "ppx_jane". If you don’t, the annotation won’t result in any code being generated.