My Current Ring Tone

Published · 1min

I wrote this ages ago, but I want to post it somewhere so I won’t lose it if my phone dies or something. And vanity, of course.

Model: Nokia 3310 Tempo: 180BPM

2c2 4c2 2f2 4f2
2e2 4e2 2c2 4c2
2d2 4d2 4c2 4d2
4c2 4b1 4a1 2g1
4g1 2a1 4a1 2f1
4f1 2g1 4g1 2e1
4e1 4d1 4e1 4e1
4d1 4e1 4d1 4e1
4c2 4d2 2e2 4e2
2g2 4g2 1f2

Note: I ought to change the note lengths because this really should use a lower beat rate.

It’s an abbreviated version of the whole tune, which is why there’s that slightly dodgy transition—which, I’m thankful, nobody notices—in the middle.