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McDowell says Gardai ‘were unprepared for Dublin riot’

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Here‘s the Breaking News article.

What kind of fools does he take us for? Really. There wasn’t a cognizant person in this country who didn’t think there’s be some trouble. Does he really think that saying that “An Garda Siochana had prepared for a low key peaceful unionist parade through Dublin city” is really going to wash? As Bernie wrote earlier today, you plan for failure with these things. You expect the worst to happen. If there’s a potentially divisive march or parade, you assume that something like what happened yesterday will happen. It’s common sense.

Is there something the rest of the country knew that he and the Garda Commissioner didn’t know? This beggars belief, and completely destroys any shred of confidence in his ability to perform his duty as Minister for Justice. I’m sick of the man. Since he came to office, he’s done nothing but erode our civil rights, and now he tops it all off by demonstrating gross incompetence. McDowell must go.