Digiweb pull their thumbs out and activate my DSL

Published · 1min

After three months of trying to get broadband off them, first satellite and later DSL, I’ve finally got Digiweb to activate my DSL.

This all really should have been done a month ago, but until today, they’ve kept putting me off, giving excuses like “we’re waiting on equipment” (that was for the satellite), or “it should be all done within five working day” (constantly for the DSL). It took threatening them with the law to finally get them to straighten things out. I think I can also thank Damien Mulley of Ireland Offline for bending a few ears.

With any luck, I should have the modem within two days and all this will be behind me. However, I’m posting this up so nobody else ends up in the same situation I did.

For the full story, read this thread on Boards.

Update: I have the modem! Hurray!