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Cork City Centre Is Flooded!

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Cork is buggered!

Sweet mother!

I had to head off to CIT to pick up some tickets for the graduation ball. When I got back to the offices, things were fine, but Dan’s after looking outside the window, and the city’s completely flooded! It took just 40mins for a one-foot deep river to appear in the street!

Cormac took some photos:

Update: It’s 7:15, and Dan, Peter and I tried to wade out to the Web Work House with plastic bags around our legs. Dan got as far as O’Brien’s before it got too deep for him, and he’s not a small bloke! Peter and I got as far as the top of the street before the bags started to leak. Our left legs are sopping wet. I’ve a feeling I’ll be walking into work tomorrow with my slippers on! It’s currently at eighteen inches.

Update (8:00pm): Now there are people kayaking about the place! No change.