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A time server for the ZX Spectrum Next

Published · 3min

I recently received my Spectrum Next. I’d been waiting three years for it, and they started sending them out just as the lockdown started. Thankfully, even though I wasn’t able to update the address, they were able to receive it at the office, and drop it over, which …


Awkwardly flailing around to get sshguard working on NetBSD

Published · 4min

When I previously configured NetBSD 9, I’d forgotten that I should configure sshguard and a firewall on the Raspberry Pi. It’s time to fix that.

I figured that I’d install the package:

# pkgin install sshguard
calculating dependencies...done.

1 package to install:

0 to refresh …
NetBSD Raspberry PI

Fun installing NetBSD 9.0 on a Raspberry Pi B+

Published · 8min

One of the consequences of being on a lockdown is that you find time to do things you’ve been putting off for a while. One of mine is setting up a small bastion server on my home network. Having already set up dynamic DNS with Duck DNS, I found …