Retrocomputing Agon Light

Initial explorations of the Agon Light

Published · 3min

The Agon Light doesn’t have an equivalent of the “programmer’s reference guides” of old, so I’ve been doing some poking around in different places to see what information I can gather together.

There’s an agon-light tag on Github that lists a few interesting repositories. In particular …

Retrocomputing Agon Light

The Agon Light 2

Published · 1min

I ordered an Agon Light 2 recently from Olimex, which is a modification of Bernardo Kastrup’s original Agon Light.

A still-bagged Agon Light 2

It’s a small, inexpensive Z80-based board with a GPIO port, allowing it to be used as a microcontroller board, but it can also be used similarly to an …