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Area 51 Opens

· 1min

I’ve been keeping quiet about this for ages, but now I can talk about it.

Some of my friends are after opening a gaming café here in Cork. The quality of the existing ones isn’t that great and, seeing as we all go gaming pretty often, they decided to go and open up their own one.

And so arrived Area 51, which, though I’m admittedly biased, is the best gaming café in the city. It’s packed full of Alienware machines, with all the best games, and it looks like a veritable gamer’s wet dream.

I spent my weekend helping Peter and Sam deck the place out and set up the machines. Two days of work with no sleep! It was exhausting, but well worth it.

If you’re in Cork, give it a try: it’s well worth it.

P.S. I have vouchers for free time, if anybody wants some. Mick, I’m talking to you, man!