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Project Ideas

Old Ideas: My DroidWars VM

· 3min

Years and years ago, I started work on a game I called “DroidWars”. It was based on some misunderstood third-hand information I got about Core Wars, and rather than having program battle each other directly, each of the programs controlled a robot in a 2D virtual world.

It was written …

Project Ideas


· 3min

Reactor is a game I’ve been meaning to write for a while. It’s a conversion of a board game I originally wrote on the C-64 called Reaction (not to be confused with Reaxion, a rather good tile flipping game).

Here’s some graphics I knocked out showing the …

Project Ideas

Restarting Mocha

· 3min

While Sage is the closest I’ve ever got to an RSS aggregator I actually liked, it’s still not right. There are just too many things about it that irk me somewhat.

I’ve tried so many of the blasted things and a few things have been confirmed for …

Project Ideas

KWiki becomes FusionWiki

· 1min

I’m changing the name of my ColdFusion-based wiki engine to FusionWiki. Why? I want to put it up on SourceForge, and KWiki was already taken. And it’s a cool name.

I applied to have the project created just today, so it might take a while before they get …

Project Ideas

On Starting a New Project

· 3min

I was talking to Peter last night about Laszlo. There are these times you need confirmation of why you have difficulty going off and either learning or writing something. I’ve a few projects like this, and something he said, quite off the cuff mind you, was a trigger.

He …

Project Ideas

On Writing an Aggregator Server

· 4min

Seeing as I’m flitting about the idea of finishing my two and a half year old RSS aggregator, Mocha, I’ve also had an idea that might help reduce the load that aggregators inevitably take on the web: an aggregator server.

Bloglines is a great idea, but it has …

Project Ideas


· 2min

A while back, I downloaded a copy of RSS Bandit as I need/wanted an RSS aggregator. I’d heard good things about it, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try.

However, I hit the same problems I have with every other aggregator …